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Why Your Post Workout Routine Matters

Why Your Post Workout Routine Matters

Picture this: You just nailed your workout. You pushed yourself hard and are super satisfied with the results. Now it’s time to recover. You already took a great pre-workout supplement before your exercise session. So what’s next?

Shower. Sit in front of the TV. Have a beer. Or two.


You need to follow up with the best post workout supplement. It might seem like you’re done working after you leave the gym. But the truth is your body is just getting started. You need to get an anabolic response going after you do resistance training. That's how you build lean muscle and see the growth you want.

How can you do that? With a great post workout supplement and routine.

Provide Fuel for Protein Synthesis

Experts agree that you need to boost your protein intake after a workout for the best results. Getting the essential nutrients as soon as possible is best.

Your body’s increased sensitivity to protein is higher after you work out. But don’t worry. You won't miss out on the benefits if you can’t grab your post workout drink the moment you finish your final set. Research has shown that your muscles are better able to absorb amino acids necessary for muscle growth for up to 24 hours after exercise.

Post-workout is not the only time you should fuel your body with protein. Using whey protein powder to supplement your protein intake is a smart choice.

One study showed that taking in 20 grams of protein 4 times a day helped men build lean muscle the best. Another benefit of consuming protein throughout the day is that it helps you feel full. That supports your weight loss goals, so it’s win-win.

BCAA’s for Recovery

BCAA’s - or branched chain amino acids - help promote fast muscle recovery. Your body uses them to repair tissue, better digest food, and build muscle. With good reason they've become one of the most popular ingredients in the best post workout supplements.

During a hard workout, your muscles get damaged. As they recover, they grow. Then you see the gains you have worked so hard for.

But it's not all roses. You also experience soreness.

To reduce soreness and build lean muscle faster, use a post workout supplement with BCAA’s. Research shows that “BCAA administered before and following damaging resistance exercise reduces indices of muscle damage and accelerates recovery in resistance-trained males.”

Editors Note: For more information on the science of BCAA’s and how extensive research has shown them to be effective in a post workout recovery drink, check out this post.

Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration is a serious problem that can derail your fitness goals. Do you have a solid hydration routine? Or could you make improvements?

Maybe you think that doing some lifts in the gym doesn't warrant a hydration plan. Save that for the cardio workouts.

It's true - intense cardio workouts get you sweaty and demand solid hydration. But don't ignore your body's hydration needs just because you're in an air conditioned gym. Even while lifting, you should have water on hand. It's even more important after you finish your exercise.

Using a post workout drink can help. Research shows that there’s no difference in the effectiveness of a post workout supplement if it’s in drink or solid food form. But the benefit of a drink is that it helps you remember to re-hydrate right after your workout.

Create the Best Post Workout Routine

For optimal results, you need a solid post workout routine. Use a post workout supplement to restore energy and help speed up the recovery process. A whey protein supplement is perfect for supplementing your protein intake post-workout. And don’t forget to stay hydrated.

Following this complete routine will help you reach your fitness goals. Keep working hard and soon you’ll enjoy the well-deserved results.

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