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Use this Simple and Effective Recovery Formula 

Use This Simple and Effective Post Workout Supplement

Working out is hard, sweaty business. Lifting at the gym. Running on the pavement. Playing in the field. Regardless, you're all tuckered out by the time you finish. But it's all worth it. Without that hard work, it’s impossible get the lean muscle gains you’re looking for.

To get the most out of every workout you need to use the best supplements for muscle growth. The preferred time to do this is right after you finish exercising. A post workout supplement helps restore your energy, prevent soreness, and improve your gains. Especially when you choose the right formula and take it at the right time.

Still, some people are overwhelmed by their recovery options. So-called experts recommend smoothies with all kinds of exotic ingredients. But you want something fast and simple right after a workout. Not a blended event that requires 5 ingredients you can't even find in local stores.

Don't let a little bit of confusion and frustration stop you. Instead, get the benefits of a great recovery drink. To do that, you need to know:

  • Why is it important to use a post workout supplement?
  • What can a recovery drink do to help improve your results?
  • What’s the best, simplest option?

Why You Need a Post Workout Supplement

Exercise is exhausting. As you work out, your glycogen levels decrease. You sweat, losing water and electrolytes. That can lead dehydration. This is a bigger problem if your fitness routine takes you outside in hot or humid conditions. 

You need to support your body’s glycogen restoration. That will reduce your risk of injury. It will also ensure that you feel your best soon after a workout. This natural process gets your body’s energy level back to normal. It promotes muscle growth and health too.

Glycogen restoration occurs in two phases. The first phase only lasts 30-60 minutes. Insulin is not present during this phase. Your body also reacts fast and puts all the nutrients it receives to work right away.

The second phase lasts much longer. Insulin is present during this phase and glycogen uptake is significantly slower.

Refuel Fast for the Best Results

You should use the best post workout recovery drink immediately after your workout. If you wait to drive home from the gym, organize your things, and take a shower, you won’t get the same results. 

Science backs this up. A 1988 study of male cyclists showed that “delaying the ingestion of a carbohydrate supplement post-exercise will result in a reduced rate of muscle glycogen storage.”

Easy and Effective Recovery Drink

Your recovery drink should be fast and easy. But don’t settle for sugar-laden alternatives. Some people reach for fruit juices or sports drinks. While these drinks may be better than just drinking water, they are also packed with sugars. A well-balanced, vitamin enriched post workout supplement is better.

The best post workout supplement includes Vitamin B-1. That helps restore energy even after an intense training session.

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and glutamine are essential ingredients to decrease muscle soreness. Some studies have “suggested that BCAA intake during prolonged exercise may enhance endurance performance by delaying the onset of central fatigue.”

Get the Best Results

A recovery drink can help stabilize your energy levels and enhance your fitness results. Be sure to use the best post workout supplement.

Don’t forget to keep your daily protein intake high by using whey protein. Eat a balanced, high-protein diet. Use the best muscle building supplements. That way you will get the most out of every workout.

Don’t skip your recovery drink. It’s essential to feeling great after a tough workout. Stick to your routine of muscle supplements and regular exercise. With patience and determination, you will soon see fantastic results. 

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