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The Truth About Winter Weight Gain

The Truth About Winter Weight Gain and Weight Loss Supplements

The weather outside is frightful. It’s raining. It’s snowing. It’s cold. What does it all lead to? Winter weight gain. That’s bad news if one of your fitness goals is weight loss.

Some people think that winter weight gain is just an urban myth. But it’s the real thing.

Consider the results of “A Prospective Study of Holiday Weight Gain”. It tackled a common idea - that most Americans gain about five pounds during the holiday season of Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. 

This idea has been spread by the media and many news outlets. For example, both CNN and the Texas Medical Association have claimed that Americans gain 7-10 pounds around the holidays.

But what do the facts show?

Most of the participants in this prospective study gained just under one pound. It was 0.82 pounds to be precise. But their perceptions were off. “Subjects believed they had gained four times more weight than their actual holiday weight change.”

Do you have a similar misconception about how much weight you tend to put on during the winter? What causes these misconceptions? What are the dangers of ignoring winter weight gain?

Why You Gain Weight During Winter

There are two major factors that contribute to winter weight gain:

1 - Overeating. 

No way around it - the holidays are about food. Delicious, unhealthy, calorie-ridden food.

Sure, having a tasty cheat meal from time to time is part of a balanced approach to nutrition. But going all out and cramming yourself with comfort food for a couple months is sure to derail your fitness goals. 

What can you do about it? For starters, it takes sheer willpower. You will have to say “no” from time to time.

This isn’t easy, but it’s important. Family and friends will pressure you to “have one more.” You need to be ready to confront this.

Balance your meals. Know you’re going to have an especially unhealthy dinner? Make an effort to have a healthier lunch. Count calories to stay on track towards your lean body and weight loss goals. 

Control cravings by using whey protein powder. It will help you feel full and satisfied which will allow you to limit your holiday indulgences. Use green tea for weight loss too. It boosts metabolism and helps manage food cravings.

2 - Inactivity

It’s hard to get motivated to get out and exercise during the winter. It’s cold. It’s gloomy. No good.

First, don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling unmotivated. It’s hard to keep up a good fitness routine through the winter months. Instead of being negative, look for opportunities to motivate yourself and remain positive. Here are some ideas:

  • Invite friends to the gym to make it social and fun.
  • Join a class at the gym, even if it’s not typically your thing.
  • Use a fitness tracking app on your phone to stay focused on your goals.

Improving your nutrition will also help you want to stay active. Start using the best muscle building supplements to focus on getting strong over the winter. Or take the best fat burner pills and green tea for weight loss to keep attention on your weight loss goals. Zeroing in on attainable goals is a great way to fight the urge to be inactive and lazy.

Longterm Benefits

Researchers believe that winter weight gain, although minimal, contributes to adult obesity. Imagine gaining 1-2 pounds every year over the course of your adult life. It adds up.

Fight back against winter weight gain. Don’t just be forced into the bad eating and fitness habits that come with the season. Use the best muscle building supplements and keep at your gym routine to build lean muscle.

Don’t give up on your weight loss goals either. Keep drinking green tea for weight loss. And keep fighting cravings with fat burner pills and whey protein powder.

Soon the seasons will change again. The battle against inactivity and overeating is temporary - and completely winnable. Stay focused and you will succeed in fighting winter weight gain. 

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