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Nutrition & Fitness Tips

The Top 5 Daily Wellness Tips

Top 5 Daily Wellness Tips


1. Skip breakfast - The ingestion of food (especially carbs) in the morning immediately stops fat burning and can zap your natural morning energy. Aim to intake your first calories late in the morning.

2. Switch to black coffee or green tea - You’ll get the benefits of caffeine, without igniting body fat storage functions of the body. Green tea has been well researched to help burn fat, increase energy, & stimulate the metabolism.

3. Take Essential Fatty acids (EFA's) - EFA’s found in fish oil supplements are well researched and known to help aid cardiovascular health, mood support, brain function, muscle recovery, and fat loss. Unless you eat 2 -3 servings of fish a week, you probably are not getting enough EFA's.

4. Stretch before bed - Not only does stretching before bed help aid in muscle recovery and preventing athletic injuries, it helps calm the body allowing you to fall asleep faster. Try it and you’ll see.

5. Take a multi vitamin - Most people do not eat enough vegetables and other nutrient dense foods to adequately reach their body’s daily needs. A multi vitamin taken with the first meal of the day helps make sure your body has everything it needs to energy throughout the day.

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