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Should You Try a Fitness Retreat?

Should You Try a Fitness Retreat?

Everyday life can be overwhelming. Work deadlines. Family responsibilities. Rushing from here to there. Never really feeling like you get much done at all. It can all be… downright exhausting.

And it’s hard to take care of your health when you’re feeling that way. Many people get stuck in fitness and health ruts because of their go-go-go lifestyles. When you’re constantly on the move and don’t have time (or don’t feel like you do) to prepare a healthy meal at home or to fit exercise into your routine, your health suffers.

One way that many people use to disconnect form everyday life and take time to focus on health, wellness, and weight loss is fitness retreats. What is a fitness retreat? Should you try one to help you get back on track with your health and fitness goals?

What Are Fitness Retreats?

Fitness retreats are usually resort-style health centers that are focused on nature, health, and personal wellness. Their goal is to offer a relaxing, zero-stress atmosphere where visitors can get away from the hectic life they usually lead. Think of a fitness retreat as a combination of a vacation resort, health spa, and gym in a natural, relaxing setting.

There are all kinds of fitness retreats. Some are focused on weight loss, with meal prep classes, fitness sessions, and personal coaching all aimed at helping you reach your personal weight loss goals. Others are focused on relieving stress and anxiety. They may also include fitness and health aspects, but with more of a focus on yoga, meditation, and using exercise to find yourself and reduce stress.

How Fitness Retreats Challenge You

The main focus of fitness retreats is detaching from your everyday routine and helping you get active. Some are located in beautiful mountain settings where participants go through a week of high intensity fitness including morning yoga, several hours of daily hiking, circuit training, spin classes, and strength training. Most retreats go beyond just that dedication to fitness, however, by also targeting negative lifestyle habits. For example, they may not allow caffeine, internet access, sugar, or alcohol.

Create Your Own Fitness Retreat

Most fitness retreats come with a hefty price tag. On top of travel expenses just to get there, you’re likely to spend a few thousand dollars on a week (or less) at such a retreat. Is there an easier way to get similar results?

You can create your own fitness retreat with friends who have similar fitness goals. You may not have access to the same team of health, wellness, and nutrition experts, but you can still de-stress and get active. Here are some ideas on how to plan one:

Choose an inspirational destination. Do you love the mountains? Will being by the ocean inspire you to get moving and de-stress? Choose a location where you can find true relaxation and that also makes you want to get outside and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Make fitness the priority. Don’t just choose a beautiful location. You need to make sure there are plenty of outdoor fitness activities available where you will be staying. If you go to the beach, look for scuba lessons, surfing classes, kayaking adventures, and similar opportunities to focus on fitness.

Plan it with friends. Find a group of likeminded friends who want to get the most out of this trip. Plan your activities, focusing on the stress-relieving and fitness-centric benefits of each. That way you’ll enjoy one another’s company and also motivate each other to get active while you’re there.

Whether you sign up for a fitness retreat or make one yourself, you’re sure to enjoy many benefits. In the meantime, stick as closely as possible to your fitness routine as you continue to build lean muscle and get fit.

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