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How to Stay Healthy in Your 40’s


How to Stay Healthy in Your 40’s

Your 40’s can be the best years of your life. You’ve worked hard to develop your career. You’ve dedicated time to your family. And you have every reason to focus on your health as you move into this exciting decade.

Sadly, some people slack in their 40’s. They allow the stress of work, family, and other responsibilities to wear them down. As a result, they begin to develop chronic health problems during this decade of life.

You can make your 40’s healthy and positive. Use these tips:

Visit Your Doctor

Men especially have a bad reputation for never wanting to visit the doctor. If you’ve been squeamish about getting regular check ups, it’s time to make a change.

Your doctor can help you identify potential health risks and assist you in making lifestyle changes to combat them. Here are some examples:

Family History: Discuss your family’s health history with your doctor. They can anticipate your potential for developing chronic illnesses and help you prevent them now. Be forthcoming and view your doctor as a teammate, not an enemy.

Weight Management: Be honest about your challenges with weight loss. Your doctor can help you develop a smart plan. That will help you stay at a healthy weight and avoid preventable health problems that are made worse by obesity.

Build Muscle

Staying strong will help prevent common health problems in your 40’s and beyond. Resistance exercises help slow the natural onset of age-related muscle loss. According to Heather Mangieri of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “it doesn’t have to be in a gym, it just needs to be some sort of resistance training.”

Combine a good workout routine with the best supplements for building muscle. Eat a diet rich in protein to encourage muscle synthesis. Another smart idea is to boost your protein intake with a whey protein supplement.

Strengthen Your Heart

Men and women in their 40’s should take cardiovascular health seriously. Studies suggest that cardiovascular capacity - measured by VO2 max - does not necessarily decline just because of age. If you keep up a good cardio training routine - by swimming, biking, running, etc. - you may be able to keep up your workout routine for years to come. 

Heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems are usually assumed to only affect the elderly. But up to “10% of all heart attacks occur before age 45, and most of these strike men” according to Harvard Medical School. For that reason, make efforts in your 40’s to mitigate these six major risk factors for heart disease:

  • High cholesterol (both LDL and HDL)
  • Low HDL cholesterol (commonly called “good” cholesterol)
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking

If you have two or more of these risk factors, your chance of developing heart disease is substantially higher than the average person. Make an effort to eliminate risk factors during your 40’s.

A good exercise routine can help. So will eating well and using the best supplements for weight loss and the best daily wellness supplements. An omega 3 supplement is also excellent for promoting heart health.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Maintain a Healthy Weight

This is easier said than done. Millions of people around the world know they should lose weight but find it to be a constant struggle. Worse, some folks make an effort to lose weight but wind up on yo-yo diets that put excess stress on their bodies. What can you do to maintain a healthy weight in your 40’s?

Eat Right: Add more fiber, fruits, and vegetables to your diet. For the best results, replace your sugary and salty processed snacks with refreshing fresh fruit. Find easy ways to add vegetables to your meals, perhaps exchanging starches and carbohydrates for veggies.

Stay Active: You don’t have to run a marathon or become a total gym rat to stay active. Find simple ways every day to move. Take the stairs. Take the dog for a walk. Anything you can do to break up an otherwise sedentary lifestyle will be of great benefit.

Use Supplements: Boost your weight loss efforts with the best weight loss supplements. For example, you can switch from sugary and creamy coffee to green tea for weight loss. Use a fat burner supplement to boost your metabolism and promote your efforts to slim down.

Stay Balanced

You can’t cure the aging process. And you can’t turn back time. Instead of obsessing over the changes that come during your 40’s, learn to embrace and enjoy them. Stay healthy by remaining active and eating right. Stay positive and boost your results by using the best supplements for muscle building and the best supplements for weight loss. You’ll find joy in every day of your 40’s - something not everyone can say. 

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