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How to Stay Healthy in Your 30’s

How to Stay Healthy in Your 30’s

When you turn 30, it’s kind of a big deal. You’re the youngest of the old people. There’s something about that big number 3. It changes people. And you are sure to experience plenty of change as you move through this exciting and transitional decade of life.

Keep up with the healthy routines you developed in your 20’s. Without them, it will be impossible to continue to look and feel your best.

What changes about your health and fitness in your 30’s? How can you counteract common problems that many men and women experience during this decade?

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Beware of slow onset weight gain in your 30’s. You might have been able to ignore your weight during your 20’s. But your metabolism is starting to slow down now. And all those college years of bad eating and late night parties are catching up.

Here’s one thing many people forget: most people gain about a pound every year. Maybe it’s holiday food indulgences. Maybe it’s just the slow accumulation of less-than-ideal food choices. But it’s for real. And if you ignore it, it’s going to start showing.

Consider making small adjustments to your diet. These will improve your health and help you maintain your ideal weight.

Are you getting several servings of vegetables and fruit each day? If not, find ways to include them in every meal. 

Make Health a Priority

There’s a lot of other stuff going on in your 30’s. Career. Family. Life. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday responsibilities and ignore your health. You might feel like you just don’t have any time to dedicate to yourself. 

But it will catch up with you if you’re not careful. This is the time to establish a healthy routine that will keep you feeling great during the upcoming decades of life. It’s make it or break it. If you can’t get into a positive routine now, it will only get harder once you turn 40.

Don't look at healthy choices as daunting challenges or punishments. View them as something to get excited about. Get active by choosing an exercise program that appeals to you.


Busy with careers and kids? It’s easy to forget about sleep in your 30’s. But that leads to higher stress. And that’s a warning sign for all kinds of chronic conditions.

Reduce your stress and feel all around better by getting plenty of sleep. Use daily wellness supplements to support your sleep routine, especially omega-3 fish oil.

Build Muscle

This is the decade when a lot of people see their muscle convert into fat. That’s bad news if you want to stay at peak health. Strength training workouts need to be a regular part of your routine. Don’t assume that just doing some light cardio will be enough. 

Boost your efforts with the best supplements for muscle building. One of the best ways to promote muscle synthesis is getting plenty of protein in your diet.

Add these natural sources of protein to your meals and use a whey protein supplement for the best results. 

whey protein supplement

Enjoy Your Healthy 30’s

Enjoy optimal health during your 30’s by following these tips. Instead of getting swept up in life, take time out for yourself. Use the best weight loss supplements and the best muscle building supplements to support your efforts. You’ll be able to look back on these years as some of your best ever. 

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