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How to Finally Get a Six Pack

How to Finally Get a Six Pack

The mighty six pack. Holy grail of the show-off muscles.

It’s not easy to develop - and maintain - a great six pack. It takes sacrifice, dedication, and serious training. So, like most important and valuable things in life, it won’t come easy. Are you ready to put in the hard work?

Some people get frustrated in what seems like an endless quest for a hot six pack. They do endless sit-ups, crunches, and planks. But the six pack never comes. Sure, their abs are getting tighter and stronger. But where’s the enviable definition?

There are a number of reasons why you might not get a six pack easily, even with hard work and training. But you should try these tips. They’ll help enhance your abs and give you the look you’re working towards.

Minimize Body Fat

If you want to see those muscles from behind your gut, that gut has got to be pretty small. Your body fat has to be low - think single digits low - to really get a rocking six pack.

You don’t have to go on a starvation diet. That’s not the way to stay healthy and strong - which is what you need to do if you want great abs. Instead, cut the carbs and get more calories from lean proteins and healthy, monounsaturated fats.

You don’t necessarily have to go into full-on calorie counting mode to get your macronutrients right. Just be aware of what you’re eating and be sure to follow a plan. Leaving your meals up to chance is a sure way to delay your goal of six pack abs.

Having a hard time boosting your protein intake during the day? Get better results by using the best whey protein powder. Choose a natural formula that gets you maximum protein with minimal sugars and no fillers. That will definitely help you work towards your ideal abs.

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Exercise with Purpose

You need focused, smart training sessions that help develop your abs. Not just crunches. They don’t target your entire core - besides the fact that they can be grueling and boring to slog through.

Instead, try back squats, barbell deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and rowing. Squats are great because they help promote balance and work your entire body - including your abs.

Cardio is good for lowering your body fat and helping you stay trim, but don’t overdo it. Keep cardio to a reasonable minimum and focus instead on building lean muscle.

Be Realistic

Many online training plans promise fast abs - some in as little as 4 weeks. But which would you rather have:

A six pack that you get in four weeks, but vanishes as soon as you can’t keep to an ultra-strict diet and training regimen. Or…

A well defined stomach with rocking abs that takes longer to develop but lasts - because you trained properly and eat well everyday.

If you’re smart and focused on long term health, the choice is easy. Stay balanced and healthy as you train your body. Don’t sacrifice your health, fitness, and strength for short term aesthetic benefits.

What can you do if, even after months of training, you never quite hit your goal of a sexy six pack? Stay realistic. Genetics play a major role. And you don’t have to rock amazing looking abs to be strong and attractive.

Remember that fitness is about more than just how you look - it’s about building a strong and healthy body that will stay that way for years to come.

Improve your results by upgrading your diet and using the best supplements for building muscle. With patience and hard work you’ll be able to develop the strong body - and maybe even the sweet six pack - you’ve always wanted.

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