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How to Choose the Best Gym Clothes

How to Choose the Best Gym Clothes

Dress to impress. It applies in all areas of life. Even at the gym.

Sure, you workout and take the best muscle building supplements to look great and get strong. But what good is hiding a great body under ugly clothes?

Even at the gym, what you wear matters. Your clothing can make you confident and self-assured. It can inspire you to get out the door in the morning and hit the gym. Or it can rob you of your confidence, leaving you unmotivated to workout.

Need to up your gym clothes game? Here’s how to do it.

The Right Fabric

The gym is a sweaty place. You need workout clothes made from modern, moisture wicking fabrics.

Many clothing manufacturers have their own branded names for these fabrics. But they are all designed for the same goal: to pull moisture away from your body and to dry fast.

That means that cotton is a big no-no. You will see some people with cotton shirts on at the gym. And you may be tempted because of the comfortable, classic look of cotton. But for workouts, it’s no good. 

Cotton absorbs tons of moisture. It can hold up to 25 times its weight in water. That means that - once you’ve worked up a good sweat - your shirt will be soaking and stinky. That leads to chaffing and discomfort.

No good.

You use the best supplements for weight loss. You should be using the best gym clothes available too. 

Choose high quality, moisture wicking fabrics. You will feel better and be able to perform at your maximum potential. 

The Right Fit

Your gym clothes should fall right in the sweet spot between form and function. Not so tight that they become uncomfortable, chafe, or limit your range of movement. But not so loose that they become unsafe when using workout machines at the gym.

  • Guys - Do you feel uncomfortable or overexposed in short shorts? If so, choose shorts that are 7” or longer. Regardless of length, keep things above the knee. That way your clothes won't interfere with safe exercise and a complete range of motion.
  • Girls - Tank tops and sports bras come in all kinds of different styles and designs. It can be hard to choose. Make sure the straps will be comfortable and allow you to move naturally. All without chafing or pinching, of course.

When it comes to coverage and length, keep your comfort in mind. There’s no set rule about what’s you should or shouldn’t wear.

Everyone’s different and has their own preferences. But if your gym has a dress code, make sure you follow it. That will help maintain a positive atmosphere at the gym.

Gym Clothing as Motivation

A big part of sticking to your workout routine is beating the mental game. If you’re getting up early for your exercise session, it can be tempting to just stay at home.

But if you’ve already laid out your workout clothes - and you know you look damn good in them - you’ll be that much more likely to nail your workout.

Find the Perfect Gym Clothes

What if you’re not happy with your current gym clothes? Don’t just immediately throw them all out.

Read reviews and start adding new pieces to your closet little by little. You’ll find the fabrics and fits you like best. Eventually, you will create the perfect set of workout attire.

Your budget affects your clothes too. Some technical shirts and shorts can be quite pricey. Shop around and slowly accumulate new pieces. You may find more budget friendly alternatives that are just as comfortable and effective.

Everyone has their own style. At the end of the day, you just need to feel comfortable and confident at the gym. A solid routine, the best muscle building supplements, and great gym clothes will lead to success. 


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