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How Exercise Affects Your Sex Drive

How Exercise Affects Your Sex Drive

What motivates you to lead a healthy lifestyle? Your personal health? Your quality of life? How about maintaining a healthy sex drive? 

Following a solid fitness routine is hard work. You hit the gym day in and day out. You stick to a healthy, balanced diet. You use muscle building supplements to get the best results.

Good news. Part of those results - and your reward for all that hard work - is improved sexual health.

Exercise and Sex

Men and women will naturally go through changes in libido throughout their lives. But a sustained period of low sex drive can be more than just disappointing. It could be a sign of a more serious health condition. 

Staying fit promotes wellness - including a healthy sex drive. Being in good shape is also great for promoting a positive body image. If you’re feeling sexy yourself, you’re much more likely to get frisky. 

Here’s a great example: During the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 450,000 male and female condoms were distributed. Why? Men and women at their physical peaks gathered from around the world in one small location. Come one, the sexual energy had to be off the charts.

Things were sure to get sexy.

You might not be leading an Olympic sex life, but exercise is still great for your sexual health. You’ll feel more desire and perform better. 

Exercise Reduces Stress

Stress is a major factor in diminished libido for men and women. When you’re busy with work, family, and other responsibilities, sex takes a back seat. If you can’t relax your mind from the stress all around you, you won’t find time (or energy) for sex.

Fortunately, exercise is great for reducing stress. Don’t skip your gym day or your run. Those workouts are leading to a stronger, healthier sex drive. 

Exercise Promotes Sexual Health

In 2009, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study on yoga. It analyzed the way yoga affects sexual function in women. The researchers found that “regular yoga practice improves several aspects of sexual function in women, including desire, arousal, orgasm, and overall satisfaction.”

Significantly, over 70% of women who participated reported that the yoga training had led to more satisfaction with their sex lives. 

There is also scientific evidence for the positive effects of exercise on men’s libidos. A study conducted in 1990 and recorded in the Archives of Sexual Behavior showed this.

Researchers studied the effects of 9 months of aerobic exercise on 78 men. Each test subject kept a diary with information on exercise, diet, smoking, and sexuality. What were the results?

“Analysis of diary entries revealed significantly greater sexual enhancements in the exercise group” Those enhancements included “frequency of various intimate activities, reliability of adequate functioning during sex, percentage of satisfying orgasms, etc.”

Know Your Body

Feeling too busy and stressed? Libido suffering? Make smart choices to improve the situation. Have an honest conversation with your partner or a medical professional. And don't skip your workouts.

Stay active. Live a healthy lifestyle. Science shows that you'll perform better and enjoy sex more. It's win-win.

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