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Holiday Survival Guide for Your Fitness and Nutrition

Holiday Survival Guide for Your Fitness and Nutrition

It’s true - the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. You get to make lasting memories with your family and friends. You take some time to appreciate the important things in life. If you travel to visit loved ones, you even get to escape your daily routine and mix things up for a while. 

But there’s a less jovial side too. Especially if you are trying to lose weight and build lean muscle. Because the holidays are notoriously bad for your fitness goals. What’s the deal?

  • You eat rich, delicious, decadent food - that’s no good for your health goals.
  • You sit around the fireplace - drinking, chatting, and laughing with family - instead of getting in your essential workouts.
  • You get to escape your everyday schedule and take a few days off - only to get back home and spend weeks trying to get back into your fitness routine.

So yes, the holidays are wonderful. But you need this survival guide if you’re going to make it through the New Year with your fitness and weight loss goals intact.

Indulge… in Moderation

You don’t want to be the stick-in-the-mud, fitness obsessed person who refuses to enjoy holiday food. Especially dessert!

But you know you can’t just go crazy and endlessly eat everything your eager family pushes your way. What can you do?

Indulge in those delicious foods - but in moderation. Have one small piece of pie, then decline seconds with a smile. Pack your plate with protein and vegetables, leaving little room for carb loaded breads and side dishes.

You’ll still satisfy Grandma’s desire to see you fill (and empty) your plate multiple times. But you won’t have the guilt of having gone carbohydrate crazy meal after meal.

Easy on the Egg Nog

Whether you go for egg nog or a stronger variety of liquid holiday cheer, go easy on the drinks. You already know that alcohol affects your ability to build lean muscle. And those liquid calories are no good for your weight loss goals. 

Again, you don’t have to totally refrain from drinking. Just take it easy and remember that all those liquid calories do add up after an evening of imbibing with the family. 

Don’t Ditch Your Workouts

Even if you’re snowed in at your in-law’s place you can still get in a great workout.

  • Plan ahead and pack your fitness clothes. 
  • Do bodyweight workouts at the house. 
  • Go out for a run - though you will need to make sure you’ve got weather appropriate clothing.  

Need an extra boost to stay motivated to workout during the holidays? If you have to travel, bring along small containers with your favorite muscle building supplements. Your pre-workout supplement and post-workout drink are especially important during the cold winter months. They help boost your energy and prevent muscle soreness. 

Don’t Punish Yourself for a Few Days Off

Are you hyper focused on your fitness goals? Are you determined to lose weight and build lean muscle? Excellent. It takes will power and hard work to turn those goals into realities. 

But you’ve got to ease up on yourself from time to time. Don’t punish yourself for taking a few days off around the holidays. Indulge a little.

Enjoy that second piece of pie or that second (or third) drink with the family. Get in a workout when you can and use the best muscle building supplements to maintain your nutrition. 

When the holidays have gone by you can get back to your routine. Until then, enjoy the change in your schedule.

Embrace a few days of fun with friends and family. Your goals will still be there when you get back home and the New Year has gone by. And you’ll have renewed determination to stay fit and get strong. 

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