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Don’t Forget About Fitness While Traveling

Don’t Forget About Fitness While Traveling

Are you planning a trip soon? Why are you packing your bags and heading out?

  • Visiting family or friends for the holidays
  • Going on a vacation
  • Traveling the globe
  • Away on business

Regardless, you need to stick to your weight loss goals and continue building lean muscle. If you skip out on your fitness routine every time you leave for a trip, your health will suffer.  Research shows that your fitness declines rapidly after just two weeks of inactivity.

Yes, using the best muscle building supplements will help you stay fit and healthy. But no, they aren’t enough on their own. So here’s how to stay in shape and keep up your workout routine even when you are traveling.

Plan Ahead for Your Workouts

You don’t need to pack an entire mobile gym with you. But you definitely need to bring along the essentials if you’re going to get in your workouts while traveling. Here are some critical pieces of workout gear that should always be in your travel bags.

  • Gym Clothes: Pack a few sets of workout clothing for your trip. One isn’t enough if you won’t have easy access to laundry facilities. If you absolutely can’t fit more than one set of gym clothes in your bags, prepare to wash them in the hotel sink or shower after each workout.
  • Basic Equipment: If you have a bit more room, you can bring along some simple exercise equipment. A jump rope and resistance bands don’t weigh much but can help you get in a great workout while you’re traveling. If you’ll be at a hotel with a pool, bring your swimsuit and goggles to swim laps.

Prepare a Bodyweight Routine

If you love lifting in the gym, it can be frustrating to switch to a bodyweight routine while you’re traveling. But it’s much better to do some simple workouts in your hotel room than to do nothing at all. Plan a routine that includes exercises such as:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Sit-ups
  • Lunges

If you need some extra motivation, use a workout video that does all bodyweight movements. You can bring one along or find a workout on Youtube.

Get Outside

Whether you’re staying with family or at a hotel, research the area you will be in. Are there parks or nature trails nearby where you can go running? Does your hotel have a fitness room where you can get in a gym workout? Even if it doesn’t, you may be able to visit a nearby gym and get a relatively cheap day or week pass.

Local parks often have installations that allow for great workouts. Look for running paths, pull up bars, and other fitness set ups that will help you keep in shape.

Be Flexible

Traveling can be hard on your fitness routine. If you’re visiting family and friends, you don’t want to sacrifice your time with them for a workout. So invite them to come along. Or get up a little earlier in the morning to get in your exercise before everyone else gets up.

What if you’re traveling for business? You may have a tight schedule with meetings and other responsibilities. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in a workout. You may just need to be flexible with your routine.

Plan ahead to stick to your fitness goals even while traveling. Bring along the best muscle building supplements so you don’t slip backwards in your training or nutrition. You’ll be able to get in great workouts and still enjoy your travels.


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