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Can Omega 3 Fish Oil Clear Up Your Acne?

Can Omega 3 Fish Oil Clear Up Your Acne?

Acne is no fun. Redness and swelling. Unpleasant appearance. It’s all around uncomfortable.

It’s no wonder that people have spent centuries looking for acne cures. Even the Egyptians were coming up with blemish creams to clear up their skin.

Do you work hard to stay in shape and look your best? In that case, it can be especially discouraging to deal with acne. Even after you make tremendous effort to lose weight and build lean muscle, pimples and zits rear their ugly heads and ruin your look.

There are lots of supposed cures and treatments for acne. But did you know that omega 3 fish oil can help clear up your skin? Learn the science behind it and use that information to look your very best.

Omega 3 Fish Oil and Inflammation

Your body needs both omega 3 and omega 6 oils. Unfortunately, the modern Western diet is heavily skewed towards omega 6 oils. They’re in many oils that are used in fast food and processed foods. It’s hard to escape them. And that leads to problems.

Studies have shown that an imbalance in omega fatty acids leads to inflammation. That puts your body’s immune response into attack mode. Acne is just one of the many negative results of this.

Balancing Fatty Acids

The key to reducing inflammation and reducing acne is to balance your intake of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Seem easier said than done? Sure. But it doesn’t have to be hard either.

One of the easiest ways to boost your omega 3 intake is with a fish oil supplement. Take this along with a daily multivitamin for men or a daily multivitamin for women to cover any other nutritional gaps in your diet.

omega 3 fish oil and daily multivitamin for men

A multivitamin won’t magically make you healthy. But studies show that taking a daily multivitamin is a smart way to enhance your health and prevent deficiencies and imbalances.

Enjoy the Benefits of Balance

Balancing your ratio of fatty acids is essential. Apart from reducing inflammation, here are some other ways it will help keep your skin looking its best:

  • Promotes healthy skin hydration.
  • Prevents over-production of skin cells.
  • Helps balance mood and reduce stress, leading to healthy skin oil production.
  • Supports proper hormone production, which also promotes normal skin oil levels.

Apart from these skin benefits, getting enough omega 3 fish oil can also help in these ways:

  • Helps reduce joint pain and inflammation.
  • Improves mood and cognitive function.
  • Boosts energy and promotes healthy metabolism for weight loss.
  • Supports cardiovascular health.

Improve Your Diet

For the best results, don’t just focus on getting more omega 3 fish oil. Your goal should be to enjoy a balanced lifestyle that includes a healthy diet.

This can be challenging. Fast-paced lifestyles and the over-abundance of fast and junk food make it hard to eat right. But - just like getting up early to build lean muscle at the gym - any sacrifices you make to eat better are well worth it. Here are some easy ways to make smart adjustments to your diet:

  • Snack on veggies instead of salty, oily snacks.
  • Switch out sugar-laden soft drinks for green tea or water.
  • Pack lunch instead of buying fast food.

Clearer Skin, Better Health

There are many excellent reasons to use an omega 3 fish oil supplement. One of the benefits you will enjoy is clearer skin and less acne. Remember, it’s not just about clearing up your skin. Make positive changes in your daily habits and diet that will help you enjoy life to its fullest - now, and for decades to come.

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