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Build Lean Muscle with a Whey Protein Supplement

Build Lean Muscle with a Whey Protein Supplement

Want to build lean muscle and get strong? Whey protein powder is an essential supplement. It gives you a huge serving of critical nutrients you need to see the best results. Because you don’t want to be pumping iron day in and day out for nothing, right?

Some people are skeptical of muscle building supplements. They express cynical opinions about how all that stuff is just snake oil.

Ignore the haters. They don’t have a clue.

There is plenty of available research to anyone who wants to educate themselves on whey protein. It can definitely help you build lean muscle. Here’s the science to prove it.

Editors Note: This post takes a closer look at how whey protein supplements aid in protein synthesis and muscle growth. For a general overview of whey protein, where it comes from, and which type is best, read The Definitive Guide to Whey Protein Powder.

Whey and Protein Synthesis

Research shows that whey protein stimulates muscle protein synthesize more effectively than other types of protein. Why?

An oft-cited 1997 study demonstrated that “amino acid absorption is faster with whey protein than with casein.” Within just a short period after consuming a whey protein shake, you get “a dramatic increase in amino acid concentrations.”

Other studies confirm that a whey protein supplement can improve athletic performance and build lean muscle. This has been shown in both animal and human research. A six-week controlled trial analyzed how taking a whey protein supplement affected participants. The results? “Greater gains in lean body mass."

Whey Protein + Resistance Training = Results

An interesting study, published in April 2011 in The Journal of Nutrition, further delved into the topic of whey protein and muscle gain.  This study included 15 young male participants. They were given 15 grams of whey protein while at rest. They got the same amount 24 hours after completing a set of resistance exercises that included leg extensions with both heavy and light loads.

Regardless of the exercise load, using a whey protein supplement had significant results. Researchers found two critical components of increasing the body’s ability to build lean muscle:

  • Performing exercise to the point of fatigue.
  • Consuming whey protein 24 hours after exercise.

Another study, this one published in 2007, found similar results. It “examined 10 weeks of resistance training and the ingestion of supplemental protein.” The goal was to learn how using whey protein supplements affects “muscle performance and markers of muscle anabolism." 

Participants took 20 grams of whey protein one hour before performing exercise. They took the same amount again one hour after completing their workouts. What were the results?

The whey protein group saw far better results than the placebo group. This included better “markers of muscle protein synthesis and anabolism along with subsequent improvements in muscle performance.”

Whey Protein and Your Fitness Goals

It is empowering and motivating to see yourself reach your fitness goals. What are you working towards? Losing weight and getting toned? Building muscle and getting strong? Those are fantastic goals that you should be proud of. They’re achievable and totally within reach.

Want to get there faster and see bigger muscle gains along the way? Use a whey protein supplement. Extensive research confirms that whey is one of the most effective muscle building supplements available.

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