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Are You Making This Disastrous Diet Mistake?

Are You Making This Disastrous Diet Mistake?

Dieting. It feels like a dirty word, doesn’t it? It’s a necessary evil if your goal is to lose weight and build lean muscle. But that doesn’t change the negativity swirling all around that word.

Maybe you’re one of the many people who has experienced this common dieting nightmare:

You start on a new diet, determined to lose weight and get lean. Everything is going great at first. You’re thrilled to shed 5-10 pounds in a relatively short period of time.

But then things start to get rough. The initial pounds melted off. But the next 5-10 pounds are much more stubborn. You get frustrated by week after week of zero results.

So finally you just give up. You go back to your old lackluster eating habits. And soon enough those 5-10 pounds you were able to lose originally come right back again.

Sadly, research shows that many people who start dieting end up gaining weight in the end. In fact, some studies have indicated that starting a diet is related to future weight gain and even obesity.

The bad news: people who diet are more likely to gain weight than people who never started dieting at all. It seems counter-intuitive. But it’s a massively inconvenient truth - and one you’ll need to to understand if you hope to lose weight and get fit.

What’s the Big Mistake?

The problem comes from the general curve of most diets. It goes something like this:

You start dieting, feeling great. You cut down on caloric intake and start working out. This creates a caloric deficit - your body burns more calories than it takes in each day. The result is that initial 5-10 pounds of weight loss.

But now your body knows something is up. And it wants to stay at your original baseline of body fat. Your body doesn’t like change and will do everything in it’s power to stop you from losing weight.

From there, one of the first things that changes is your metabolism. Your resting metabolic rate drops. And the amount of energy you use to get through each workout drops too. Your body becomes much more efficient, meaning you burn fewer calories with each fitness session.

The final blow comes when you finish your diet. This is usually associated with a period of extra-eating.

You’re thrilled to have succeeded at your diet, so you go all out and start eating more than you were. But since your body has adjusted to your lower calorie diet and is more efficient than ever, it ends up turning that new fuel into fat.

The end is worse than the beginning. And it’s all your body’s fault.

Revise Your Strategy

Short term dieting is not an efficient way to lose weight. Studies prove this. Your body knows how to throw off your goals by adjusting energy production and metabolism.

What’s the solution? A long-term approach of healthy eating and fitness. You can’t just diet for a few weeks or months and expect to see permanent results. Rather, you need to make your health a constant priority.

Don’t just massively limit your caloric intake. Learn to balance your macronutrients - proteins, carbs, and fats. Reduce your carb intake in favor of proteins that give you essential energy and make you feel more satiated. Don’t skip out on healthy fats either - they’re important for your health and energy levels.

A great way to supplement your diet and fitness efforts is with the best weight loss supplements. Choose products with natural ingredients that support your efforts to reduce your weight. As you start to lose weight, don’t be tempted to shift back to unhealthy eating habits.

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Keep up your hard work. With the best muscle building supplements and the best supplements for weight loss, you’ll be able to achieve your fitness and health goals.

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