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Are You Keeping to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Are You Keeping to Your New Year’s Resolutions?
Time flies. At the end of December, you were so determined to stick to every New Year’s Resolution. You made a plan, thought out all the details, and anticipated the arrival of January 1st. The day it would all change.
How’s it been going since then?
It’s time to check in on your resolutions to see how far you’ve come. Do you aim to lose weight, get strong, or improve daily wellness this year? Regardless, you need to reassess your progress as you go if you want the best results.
Quick note: The purpose of this review is to help you achieve your goals. The point isn’t to shame yourself and feel bad about slacking off. Don't look back and be negative. Glance back at the past, but only long enough to see how far you've come. Or where you need to improve. Then, get back to making forward progress.

Keep Things Realistic

First, have you stuck to your resolutions?
If yes - awesome. Keep it up. Don’t get distracted by work, social events, or other responsibilities. Maintain your positive attitude. Soon you’ll see the weight loss or muscle building that you are working towards.
If no - that’s OK. Make this part of the learning process. What can you tweak about your approach? Do you need to adjust your resolution itself?
Stay realistic and make adjustments to your goals if need be. For example, maybe you wanted to lose a specific amount of weight. Your goal was to lose x-amount each month starting in January. You've been putting in the hard work. You've improved your diet. But you haven’t been able to achieve your target weight loss.
It's time to analyze your efforts. And to see where the problem lies.

Identify the Real Issue

Don’t be vague and generalize the problem. Get specific.
  • Is it your schedule? From now on, plan ahead for meals so you don’t end up settling for fast food.
  • Is it a lack of motivation? Find a new fitness activity to mix into your routine. That will give you an added boost of motivation. That leads to more enjoyment and a desire to stay on track with your resolution.


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Don’t Go It Alone

Support from other people with similar goals will help you stick to your resolutions. Here are some ways to do that:
  • Join a class or fitness group. Your local gym likely offers a variety of classes that will help you get motivated. Fitness groups are springing up in many cities too. They offer open air workouts in parks and similar areas. Many combine cardio with high intensity interval training. The best part? These classes and groups are full of people like you. They will help you feel positive about your efforts to lose weight and build muscle.
  • Track your progress. Every little bit counts. Feel frustrated because you aren’t seeing the results you expected? Tracking your efforts is beneficial. Record your meals or workout routines. Be as detailed as you like. Each time you record an activity or meal, you create more data to review later. You’ll be able to objectively see the progress you’re making. With time and patience, that progress will translate into improved health and physique.

Don’t Give Up

Whatever you do, don’t give up on your New Year’s Resolutions. Sure, you may need to adjust them a bit. But don’t abandon the dream of becoming a better, healthier, fitter you.
Use the best supplements for muscle building and the best supplements for weight loss. Get support in your training plan. You will soon see the results you’ve wanted and be able to truly enjoy them.

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