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Amazing World Marathons for Runners to Work Towards

Amazing World Marathons for Runners to Work Towards

Training for a marathon? Not there yet but hope to make it some day? Great. Hard work and training can accomplish a lot. Regardless of your goal - to lose weight, to build lean muscle, or to run a marathon - you need to get excited about it.

There are lots of things you can do to improve your training regimen. For example, you can:

  • Make it social by enlisting friends to help you
  • Use apps to stay connected and compete with other fitness enthusiasts
  • Use the best muscle building supplements to support your training

Here’s another way to make running fun: set a stretch goal. Like an amazing destination marathon somewhere you’ve never been. Here are some of the most popular, beautiful, and challenging races from around the world. 

Berlin Marathon

Over 40,000 runners participate. And it’s popular for a reason. Besides racing through the beautiful and historic city in Germany, you also get a flat, fast course. In fact, some of the most recent world records have been placed on this very course.

Great Wall of China Marathon

There’s so much history and culture to be explored in China. Imagine running along the Great Wall. Climbing the steps. Taking in the same view as the ancient people who built it. It's an intense experience for all the senses - and a hard climb up the hills and stairs of the wall.

Polar Circle Marathon

Run as close to the North Pole as you can in this icy marathon in Greenland. Temperatures are going to dip below -50 Fahrenheit. The wind is going to be intense. And there won’t be much to see besides some musk oxen and arctic foxes. But what can compare to the thrill of running across an ice sheet to the tiny town of Kangerlussuaq in remote Greenland?

Antarctic Ice Marathon

From the top of the world, to the bottom. There’s only one race to do in Antartica. So if one of your fitness goals is to run a marathon on every continent, this one is a must. It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s brutal. And it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t expect much in the way of crowd support or entertainment. The most entertaining thing is to be on the frozen continent on the bottom of the Earth where so few humans have ever tread. 

New York City Marathon

From the extremely isolated to the densely populated. The experience of running through all five boroughs during this marathon is unlike any other. The entire city comes out in droves to celebrate the runners and cheer them on. If you’re looking for crowd support, fun, and a city getaway, this is the marathon for you. 

Big Sur Marathon

Breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the stunning California coastline. It will be hard for you to keep your eyes on the road with so many spectacular sights. The course goes through seven California State Parks and along iconic Highway 1. It’s also an extremely popular race, so sign up early if you want a chance to make it into the registration. 

Boston Marathon

This is the classic, the pinnacle, the elite marathon. Boston is the only marathon in the world that still requires a qualifying time from participants. And it gets lower each year, so start training hard now if you want to get in soon. The course is well known. The city supports runners like nowhere else. And the experience is one not easily forgotten. 

Start Training Now

Want to make it into one (or all) of these amazing world marathons? Start training now!

Create a smart running plan. Don’t forget to cross train and build lean muscle to balance your strength. Get the best muscle building supplements to enhance your fitness results. Use whey protein to improve your nutrition and ensure you’re getting sufficient macro nutrients.

With hard work and patience, you can reach your marathon goals. What will be next? Maybe you’ll soon be planning your next marathon - or even ultra marathon!

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