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8 Ways to Improve Your Workout Form - Part 2

8 Ways to Improve Your Workout Form - Part 2

Are you applying the first 4 suggestions from Part 1? They were:

  1. Better Posture on Cardio Machines
  2. No More Pull Downs Behind Your Neck
  3. Stop the Momentum with Ab Workouts
  4. Don’t Force Your Chin Up

Now it’s time to start applying the follow 4 tips too. They will help improve your form as you work hard to build muscle and lose weight.

5 - Activate Your Core

A weak core is often at the root of fitness injuries - especially back injuries. That’s because your abs stabilize your body during lifts and other tough workouts. If you’re core can’t stabilize you because it’s too weak, your legs or arms try to compensate. Eventually, your muscles will lock up - and from there it’s all bad.

The lesson? If you want to see big gains and lift greater weights, you’ve got to step up your core training.

Work both your abs and your back when doing core workouts. Don’t just focus on a six pack - you need more than that to stay strong and safe at the gym.

A good combination of core moves are planks (target the abs) and supermans (target the back). But in general, you should get in the habit of tightening your core during every workout and every move. That applies whether you’re doing cardio or strength training. You’ll improve your form and strengthen your core - so it’s win win.

6 - Soft Landings for Plyometrics

Plyometrics are very popular - and with good reason. These moves that involve jumping and getting both feet off the ground are excellent full body workouts.

Jumping moves - like tuck jumps and jumping lunges - are great because they combine cardio with strength training. The main issue is that if you don’t land softly, you can get into trouble. Your form is essential during plyometric training.

To protect your knees (and really your entire lower body) you need to keep your sideways movement to an absolute minimum. This is especially true at the knee. To stay safe, land soft on your mid-foot, then roll gently forward to your forefoot to jump again. Again, tightening your core during plyometrics will help stabilize your body and reduce excessive motion.

7 - Follow a Balanced Training Plan

This tip isn’t directly about form per se, but it is relevant. If you don’t train all of your muscles in a balanced way, you’ll wind up with strength imbalances. That leads to poor form, especially when you start lifting heavier weights.

Yes, everyone wants to look great at the beach. But focusing exclusively on show-off muscles - like your biceps and six pack - can lead to trouble. That’s because you may be skipping essential exercises that work other muscle groups. The result is strength imbalances that put you at risk for injury.

You can still get killer arms and look great for summer. But don’t skip the full body movements that strengthen your stabilizing muscles too.

8 - Warm Ups, Cool Downs, and Rest Days

If you go too hard on your body, you will reap what you so. Your body will turn around and make life hard on you. And your form is guaranteed to suffer.

Take your warm ups, cool downs, and rest days seriously. You need them to help you get strong. Don’t over-do it or assume that you can skip your warm up because you don’t have time.

When you don’t warm up properly, your muscles stay tight. That means you’re limited in your range of motion. Your lifts won’t be as complete and you won’t get the best results. So take a few minutes to get your body moving - perhaps with some light cardio and dynamic stretching. You should also use the best pre workout supplement so you know you’re energized and have all the essential nutrients available for a great fitness session.

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For your cool down, don’t ever think you can just skip it. Just a few minutes of relaxing and stretching your muscles after an intense workout session make a world of difference. This will help you prevent injury and stay flexible. And flexibility is critical to good form. To help reduce soreness and give your muscles everything they need to grow and recover after a workout, use the best post workout supplement.

Bonus: Nutrition Matters

Again, this isn’t directly related to form. But if you’re not eating right, you’re not getting the best results from your workouts. It’s that simple.

Once you’ve got all these pieces of form together, don’t forget about your nutrition. The best muscle building supplements for men and the best fitness supplements for women should be an essential part of your training regimen. Work hard at the gym and get the results you deserve by using weight loss supplements and muscle building supplements.

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