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7 Essential Injury Prevention Tips for Weight Lifters

7 Essential Injury Prevention Tips for Bodybuilders

You lift because you want to get strong. And you love gym days because you’re seeing results. But getting injured is the worst. And it’s all too common.

Lots of people get injured at the gym because they don’t take the necessary precautions. Reality check - you’re not invincible. You need to use the best muscle building supplements to get your body ready for intense workouts. And you need to use these injury prevention tips to stay safe at the gym.

1 - Warm Up

You’re short on time. You want to get straight to the big lifts. But you should never skip your warm up.

Your muscles need to loosen up and get prepared for your workout. Take 10 minutes to get ready. You’ll have a better workout and you’ll prevent injuries.

Warm ups don’t have to be major events. Use the stationary bike or treadmill for 5 minutes. Then do dynamic (not static) stretches that fire up the muscles you’ll be working on. Your body will be ready for success thanks to a solid warm up.

2 - Cool Down

Don’t run out of the gym after your final lift. Take the time to cool down. Your muscles need to relax to minimize the risk of injury.

This is the time for static stretching. That means taking the joints you just worked to the end of their range of motion. Don’t force stretches. Don’t strain. Instead, hold at a comfortable stretch for about 30 seconds. The goal is to relax after a round of intense exercise.

3 - Minimize Distractions

The gym can be a distracting place. There’s plenty of eye candy to gawk at, especially during classes. But you need to stay focused on your workout.

If you lift distracted, your form will suffer. That leads to injuries. To avoid them,  keep your mind on your workout. Check your form in the mirror. Lift with a friend so you can help each other focus.

4 - Solid Footwear

Sandals are not workout appropriate footwear. Ever. This might seem obvious, but for some people it’s not. Injuries happen all the time because men and women think they can hit the gym in loungewear. But stuff happens. Plates fall. You need to be prepared.

Never wear open toed shoes to the gym. Instead, choose comfortable shoes with stiff soles.

Tempted to just go with any old sneakers? If you’re serious about lifting and staying injury free, you should invest in quality shoes. And replace them as they wear out. If you’re a total gym rat, you may need to update your footwear every few months.

5 - Eat Right

You have to fuel right to get the best results and avoid injury. That means getting plenty of protein. There’s no excuse not to.

Use muscle building supplements to enhance your high protein diet. The best muscle supplements supply you with protein, amino acids, and other essential nutrients your body needs for growth and recovery.

muscle building supplements

Don’t skimp on your diet. It’s critical to your success. Use daily multivitamins to ensure your daily dose of essential vitamins. Eat plenty of veggies too. Hydrate throughout the day, especially if you’re using creatine supplements. Add organic whey protein to your protein shakes to boost your stores of this important nutrient. Taking a BCAA powder supplement can help speed up muscle recovery and reduce soreness.

6 - Take Rest Days

Hard but critical advice. Your body needs rest. Too many people hit the gym day in and day out, assuming that’s what brings results. It’s a classic newbie mistake that leads to injuries. Prepare your fitness program to include rest days.

7 - Listen to Your Body

Lifting is hard work. And sometimes there’s discomfort involved. But pain is different. If you are feeling sharp pains or dull aches that aren’t normal, you need to do something about it.

A study from 2010 found that injuries from weight lifting have steadily increased. It stated that "more than 970,000 weight training-related injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments between 1990 and 2007."

Rest the affected muscle. Take a few days off. See your doctor. Don’t ignore clear signals from your body that something is wrong.

If you take care of yourself as soon as symptoms of injury appear, you’re less likely to see it develop into a major injury.

Lift Safe and Stay Injury Free

Enjoy your workouts without injury by applying these tips. Sure, they might take a little more time. You may need to skip a day here or there. But your long term results will be better. And you’ll minimize your risk of experiencing a major injury.

Use muscle building supplements and whey protein to enhance your diet. You’ll feel better and get stronger fast. With smart injury prevention tips you can have the best workouts without the unnecessary pain of common weightlifting injuries.

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