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6 Ways to Get Motivated When You Don’t Want to Work Out

6 Ways to Get Motivated When You Don’t Want to Work Out

Even the fittest of people go through occasional slumps. Maybe you’ve been under a lot of stress at work. Or family responsibilities have cut into the time that you used to dedicate to fitness. Sometimes there’s no particular reason you’re feeling in a slump - you just do.

Regardless of what’s got you feeling unmotivated, there are lots of ways to get going again. Try one (or more) of these 6 ways to get motivated to get back into fitness, even when you’re totally not in the mood.

1 - Do It First Thing in the Morning

Forcing yourself out of bed and immediately to the gym is a great way to get in a workout, even when your schedule is tight. Leaving fitness for later in the day allows a million other things to get in the way of your plans. It’s not easy - especially if it’s still dark out when you leave home for the gym or the track. But after forcing yourself though it a few times, you’ll find it easier to continue.

2 - Do Something Different

Usually hit the gym to lift weights but not feeling it lately? Lace up your shoes and go for a short jog around the neighborhood. Or go to a park and do a bodyweight workout using the benches, bars, and swings. Being in different surroundings and trying out a fitness routine that’s out of the ordinary for you can help you get motivated.

3 - Be Spontaneous

Sick of always running the same route around town? Visit a nearby nature trail and get off-road for your next run. Or stick to your same route, but run some random speed intervals as you go. There’s no need to time out the speed surges or make it a methodical thing. Just enjoy the spontaneous pleasure of it.

4 - Make a Commitment

Depending on your preference and personality, this can be a commitment with yourself or a friend. Sign up for an obstacle course race or local running event. That way it’s on your calendar and you know you have to start training for it. If you prefer a little social pressure, sign up for a class at your gym with a friend. They’ll be expecting you and that little boost of peer pressure can help you get motivated again.

5 - Reward Yourself

This is different for everyone. It can be as simple as knowing you’ll enjoy the best post workout drink when you get home from the gym. Or that you’ll buy yourself a new outfit for the gym if you go everyday this week. Regardless of what carrot you decide to dangle in front of yourself, make sure it’s something that keeps you excited about your fitness.

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6 - Let Yourself Off the Hook

You don’t have to always be at peak physical condition, constantly exercising at 100%. Everyone goes through periods of less activity - and sometimes that can be a good thing. If you’ve recently finished a training cycle or participated in a major event, you may need time to rest and take it easy for a few weeks. Instead of punishing yourself for being in a slump, remember all you’ve done so far and stay positive.

Knowing yourself - your strengths, your body, and your fitness level - is important to staying motivated. Don’t let your nutrition slide while you’re feeling less than eager about working out. Keep using the best supplements for building muscle. As you apply these tips, soon you’ll get back into the swing of things and be back into a regular fitness routine.

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