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6 Sure Ways to Ruin Your Diet

6 Sure Ways to Ruin Your Diet

How many times have you heard these negative comments?

  • Dieting sucks.
  • I hate dieting. I’m always hungry.
  • I can’t eat anything I like on this diet.

They’re common because the idea of dieting has a bad reputation. People have suffered through all kinds of fad diets. They’ve gone on super-restrictive diets that limit them to minimal food options. And few of these dieters have ever seen the results they really wanted.

Have you been through a bad diet? Are you turned off to the idea in general?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Your diet can be successful. You can lose weight and build lean muscle as you develop a healthier lifestyle. But look out for the common pitfalls that destroy so many people’s weight loss plans. Avoid these 6 sure ways to ruin your diet. 

1 - Make It Super Restrictive

The stricter your diet is, the less likely you are to follow it. That’s because limited food options quickly become boring and dull. Sure, a salad with grilled chicken breast is a good choice for lunch or dinner. But no one wants to eat that every single day for months on end.

Instead of making your diet restrictive, find new recipes and ingredients to mix up your meals. That will make your diet fun. It will expand your palate. And you’ll see weight loss as a result.

2 - Go It Alone

Are you afraid of the social stigma and pressure you’ll get from others if you announce you’re on a diet? Embarrassed about the whole thing? Hiding your weight loss goals and keeping it all a secret is no good for diet success. You need support from those closest to you if you are going to achieve your health goals.

Instead of hiding your diet, announce it. Get social with your efforts to lose weight. You will likely find that you have friends and family that will support you. They may even want to follow the same weight loss plan that you have. 

3 - Set an Impossible Weight Loss Goal

Many people want to reach for the stars when they start dieting. They plan to lose the weight they’ve been packing on for years in the course of just a few short weeks. That sounds dramatic and exciting, but it’s far from realistic.

Don't just rush to drop weight as quickly as possibly. Instead, you need to establish a healthy lifestyle. If you set an overly ambitious weight loss goal, you’ll wind up frustrated and give up on your diet almost as soon as you’ve started. 

4 - Quit as Soon as You Lose a Few Pounds

Maybe you start to see success with your diet. You lose 5 or 10 pounds. Satisfied with that, you quickly drop your new eating habits and return to your old ways. Guess what happens next? You gain that weight back - and then some.

Yo-yo dieting is bad for your health and leads to long term weight gain. If you really want to maintain your weight loss successes, you need to stick to your health eating habits. Don’t make your diet about temporary weight loss. Focus on long term wellness.

5 - Make Big Changes to Your Eating Habits

Big, all-encompassing overhauls of your eating habits sound flashy and exciting. But they’re notoriously difficult to maintain. If you want to ruin your diet, by all means, try to change everything all at once.

Interested in long term, manageable weight loss? Make small changes that add up to weight loss and improved health. Here are some ideas:

6 - Never Allow for Cheat Food

Dieting can be exhausting. It can feel like punishment. And that quickly becomes something you don’t want in your life. Never give yourself a chance to enjoy cheat food and you’ll get sick of your diet very fast.

Indulge your sweet tooth every now and then. Go for a greasy hamburger with friends occasionally. Just don’t give in to cheat food everyday. But don’t force yourself to a life of only healthy food 24/7/365 either.

Make Your Diet a Success

Successful dieting may seem elusive. But you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Use the best weight loss supplements - including green tea for weight loss and fat burner pills. Get regular exercise and enjoy a balanced meal plan with lots of fresh, delicious ingredients. With patience and determination, you will see your diet become a successful and healthy way of life. 

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