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4 Ways to Ditch Fitness Fads and Develop Lifelong Wellness

4 Ways to Ditch Fitness Fads and Develop Lifelong Wellness

Do you know people who love fitness fads? They get into the latest celebrity-approved diets. They tout some new YouTuber’s weird bodyweight workouts. And they always have some wild approach to weight loss

Don’t follow the fads. They’re killing your longterm goals.

Sure, some of the fads can be fun. And there’s nothing wrong with many of the popular fitness movements sweeping the world. Anything that gets people outside, exercising, getting fit is positive. 

But you want to develop a lifestyle. Don't sacrifice that for short challenge that doesn't fit your fitness level or schedule.

1 - Slow, Steady Progress

Fitness is a slow burn. It takes time and hard work to lose weight, build muscle, and get the body you want. And it takes even more time and even more hard work to keep it. 

But that’s part of the joy of fitness. This is a long term project with huge results. Think of it as an investment. You’re going to retire like a boss - but only if you’re willing to make slow, steady progress.

Fad diets lead to yo-yoing - you lose weight, only to quickly gain it again. Slower, controlled weight loss is better.

A 2005 report from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that “weight loss maintenance may get easier over time; after individuals have successfully maintained their weight loss for 2–5 y, the chance of longer-term success greatly increases.” 

Don’t strive for immediate perfection. Make slow, incremental improvements. Use the best weight loss supplements and the best muscle building supplements to augment your results. You’ll see long term success.

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2 - Follow a Proven Plan

Skipping the fads doesn’t mean you ditch all professional fitness and nutrition tips. But don't always fall for the flavor of the week. Instead, find a club, gym, movement, or trainer with proven results. And use the best muscle building supplement for lean muscle gains.

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Your plan should fit your needs, goals, and current health situation. You may choose to include lifting, yoga, running, swimming, or other activities. Focus on goals such as losing weight, toning up, or building muscle

Building a smart plan is the first step. Organize a healthy, reasonable diet that you can follow. Use bodybuilding supplements that fit your specific goals. For instance, green tea for weight loss and fat burner pills. They both can help you boost energy and burn fat efficiently.

A muscle building supplement for men is great for guys who want to build lean muscle mass. And don’t forget a solid routine of pre-workout supplement and post-workout supplement.

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3 - Track Your Success

Seeing the benefits of your long term success will make you feel motivated to continue. So track your progress, even if it's measured in baby steps. 

This is easy thanks to new apps and devices. It's good to keep track of your weight, measurements, and workouts. That way you can objectively see how you've improved. 

Here are some easy ways to watch your progress and feel proud of how far you’ve come:

  • Use a fitness tracking device
  • Download a fitness tracking app to your smartphone
  • Join a workout group or club that encourages tracking your sucess
  • Go analog and record your workouts in a plain old notebook

4 - Make it Fun

Fitness has to be fun. You’re working hard. You’re getting results. You should be enjoying every moment.

There will be days that getting out of bed won’t be easy. And not every trip to the gym will bring a smile to your face. But your attitude toward your fitness routine ought to be positive.

Make things fun by:

  • Exercising with friends
  • Mixing things up with new activities, workouts, and locations
  • Playing team sports 
  • Adding fitness activities to your travel plans
  • Signing up for a local event, like a 10K or obstacle course race

Always Stay Positive

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult. It requires hard work and determination.

But the results are worth it. And the process can be enjoyable.

Don’t follow fads that get you stuck in workout ruts. Instead, make slow, steady progress. Achieve your results faster by using a muscle building supplement and fat burner pills. You’ll be proud of yourself and the improvements you're making in your life and health. 

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