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4 Surprising Benefits of Weight Lifting 

4 Surprising Benefits of Weightlifting

Why do you lift? 

To get stronger. To look better. To lose weight. 

Excellent. Keep to your routine. Hit the gym regularly. Use the best supplements for muscle gain. You’ll be able to see amazing results. But did you know that the benefits of weightlifting go far beyond these basic goals?

These 4 benefits of weight lifting - backed up by science - may surprise you. Don’t scoff at the research. Instead, get motivated. Stick to your routine and become the best, healthiest you possible.

1 - Lowers Your Risk of Diabetes

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 9.3% of the US population had diabetes as of 2014. That’s over 29 million people. 

Don’t want to become part of that harrowing statistic? Lifting can lower your risk of developing this chronic disease.

A prospective study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2012, showed this. Researchers kept tabs on 32,002 men during 18 years, from 1990-2008.

They followed their health status as well as their exercise routines. Research questionnaires included specific inquires about their weight training and aerobic exercise habits.

What were the results?

During those 18 years, 2,278 participants developed type 2 diabetes. What about participants who engaged in at least 150 minutes of weight training each week? They had a 34% lower risk of getting diabetes. 

The study’s conclusion?

“Weight training was associated with a significantly lower risk of T2DM [type 2 diabetes], independent of aerobic exercise. Combined weight training and aerobic exercise conferred a greater benefit.”

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Follow a smart routine and use the best supplements for muscle gain. You'll be promoting good health now and for years to come.

2 - Improves Bone Health

Putting stress on your bones helps them become denser. This is especially important for women at risk for developing osteoporosis. One in three women aged 50 or older will experience a bone fracture related to osteoporosis. For men over 50 the rate is 1 in 5.

Of interest is a 2013 study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. It determined which strength training exercises are best for preventing osteoporosis.

What were the results?

Researchers focused on the benefits of squats. The women who participated in the squat group saw a 154% improvement in one rep max results. They also had greater bone mineral content and showed evidence of bone growth at the end of the study.

Women from the control group didn’t join in the three weekly workout sessions. They did not experience any notable improvements either. 

3 - Treat Chronic Back Pain

In 2015, Indiana University released a shocking report. It estimated that 100 million Americans live with chronic pain. The National Institute of Health Statistics has also researched chronic pain. Of the 4 most common types of chronic pain, low back pain was the most common. 

How can lifting relieve chronic back pain?

Weak back and abdominal muscles often contribute to back pain. Those muscles support the spine and keep it in place and moving properly. Weak muscles lead to bad posture and back strain.

A regular routine of strength training prevents future back injuries. It also stabilizes the spine and promotes healthy posture and body mechanics. Use the best supplements for muscle gain to support your training and muscle development.

4 - Mental Strengthening 

The mental health benefits of strength training on mental health interest many medical researchers. As they investigate these benefits, much of their findings show positive results.

Multiple studies have shown that “resistance training is a meaningful intervention for people suffering from anxiety.” Older adults at risk for memory loss have also seen benefits. Strength training - including lifting - has even helped with brain cognition and memory-related tasks.

After reviewing several studies on exercise and mental health, what did the experts say? "The evidence is quite impressive." It shows that “resistance training can improve several major mental health issues.”

Hit the Gym, Get Long Term Benefits

You already knew that lifting makes you look and feel great. You can be confident that the benefits reach far beyond that. 

Promote your long term wellness. Use the best supplements for muscle gain. And don't skip your next gym day.

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