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3 Tips for Sticking to Your Workouts this Winter

3 Tips for Sticking to Your Workouts this Winter

Staying in shape is a constant challenge. It’s never easy to get out of the house every morning to hit the gym. Or rush out from work for an afternoon run. But you stick to your routine and use the best muscle building supplements so that you can stay fit and healthy. It’s worth the effort.

Then the winter rolls around. And the challenge becomes twice as hard. Because now it’s not just early. It’s dark and cold too. And it's that much harder to feel motivated to work out.

Wait, it gets worse. The holidays are here. Overeating is almost impossible avoid. There’s social pressure to eat and drink everything that’s no good for you. Now you’re feeling even less motivated.

What can you do? Use these tips to stay motivated when the temperature is dropping and the whole world seems to be against you.

1 - Remember the Benefits

Cold weather isn’t all bad. Your body reacts differently when you do exercise in colder temperatures, sure. But some of those can be benefits.

Many people are familiar with the “winter blues,” also called seasonal affective disorder. The darkness and cold can have a negative emotional impact.

Counteract this with a regular fitness routine. 

Staying fit through the fall and winter also helps you keep your energy levels high. Face it - the cold weather tends to make people lethargic. The more sedentary you are, the harder it is to get going again.

Use inertia to your benefit. Follow the good fitness routine you’ve already established through the warmer months of the year. It's easier to carry on with a routine you've already established. 

Worried about getting sick this winter? It's true - flu and cold season is unavoidable. So boost your immune health by staying fit. Remember that every run or trip to the gym helps keep you in peak health.

2 - Get New Gear

You don’t need to go out and spend a fortune just to stay motivated during the winter. But some new cold weather fitness equipment can push you to get out and stay fit even when the temperature drops. 

How about some new gym clothes? Maybe a warm shirt that’s also soft and moisture wicking. Or a warm set of gym shorts. 

Are you a runner? Something as simple as new cold weather running socks can make you excited to get out on a cold day. Or splurge on a GPS running watch. That can help you with the next tip too...

3 - Set and Track Goals

Having a goal that you can work towards is always helpful in staying motivated. Tracking your progress is critical. But remember that your goals must be actionable and reasonable in order to truly motivate you. Here are some examples:

  • Lose a few pounds. The exact number depends on your fitness level and health. But staying focused on losing weight and toning up can be helpful in staying motivated.
  • Reach a new max weight. Choose one or two lifts. Focus on reaching a new max weight. Maybe you want to squat 250. Or deadlift 300. Don’t push yourself to the point of injury. But do stay positive and motivated as you reach towards your goal.

Enjoy the Cool Weather While You Stay Fit

Fitness has to be fun and rewarding. Otherwise it’s impossible to stay motivated. Don’t suffer through the drudgery of the cold weather. Instead, find easy ways to feel strong and determined to reach your goals. Invest in new gear, set an achievable goal, and focus on the positive. 

Use the best muscle building supplements and the best weight loss supplements. By the end of the season you will be stronger, leaner, and happier than ever. All because you stayed motivated. 

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