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3 Essential Exercises for Bigger Biceps

3 Essential Exercises for Bigger Biceps

Working out is just that. Work. It takes willpower, determination, and all kinds of effort to make it to the gym each week. So you want to feel like you’re making real gains. Especially if you’ve researched and followed a solid training plan. And if you’re using muscle building supplements, you definitely should be getting results.

If there’s one muscle that people measure their results with, it’s the biceps. These are the guns. They're the muscles you’re always going to show off first when people doubt you’ve been going to the gym. So it makes sense that you need to give attention to these treasured show-off muscles.

But first things first. You need to understand these muscles, how they work, and the best ways to to develop them. Then you can get to work on these 3 essential exercises for bigger biceps.

Biceps: Fast Facts

What most people call “biceps” are actually a group of muscles in the upper arm. The anatomical name is “biceps brachii.” Roughly translated from Latin - means “two headed arm muscle.”

That’s because the biceps have two “heads.” In reality, they're two separate groups of muscle fibers. These are usually called the short and long bicep heads.

Another muscle group that is related to the biceps is the brachialis. These muscles are underneath and around the biceps. They support the action of the biceps and are important to building bigger arm muscles.

What Do the Biceps Do?

Pulling and curling. Your biceps pull and curl. That makes them unique since most of your frontal body muscles are for pushing.

Forearm and hand rotation. For example, your biceps control the motion of turning a key in a door knob.

Bending the arm at the elbow. Take the classic “flex your biceps” move to impress your friends. That action of pulling your lower arm up towards you is all in the biceps.

The Best Biceps Exercises

Now you're better prepared to appreciate the value of these three exercises. You can create a personalized workout plan - including muscle growth supplements - using these moves. Make sure to adjust it to your current fitness level and strength.

Standing Barbell Curls

Many weightlifters would vote this classic exercise as the best biceps exercise ever. It’s simple. It isolates the biceps. It gets results.

  • Hold a bar using a shoulder-width grip. Lock your elbows and keep them about an inch from your sides. 
  • Curl the bar up and toward your chest, using your biceps. Don’t engage your back or adjust your elbows. Curl up as close as you can to touching your chest.
  • Lower the bar slowly, resisting the weight as it lowers until your arms are fully stretched.
  • Repeat.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls don’t isolate the biceps. So what are they doing on this list?

They’re great for the brachialis. Those are the supportive yet oft-ignored muscles around and beneath the biceps. Use this exercise to develop these muscles. That will fill out your lower biceps, leading to thicker biceps with a more impressive peak.

  • Hold dumbbells with your elbows fixed at your sides. Your hands should be neutral, your palms facing each other.
  • Perform a curl, but keep your palms facing each other as you curl up. 
  • Lower the dumbbells slowly to the starting position.
  • Repeat.


Everybody knows this basic bodyweight exercise. Easy to learn. But hard to master. Chin-ups work your back, but they also create a tremendous amount of pressure for your biceps. They won't just give you bigger, stronger arms. They’ll also help you train to use your biceps to assist your back. 

Need more than your body weight? Use a weighted belt to add resistance and difficulty. 

  • Hang from a bar with an underhand grip. 
  • Retract your shoulders. It should feel like you’re squeezing your shoulders together behind you.
  • Drive your elbows down. Pull your chin up past the bar.
  • Control your descent to the original hanging position with your shoulders still retracted.
  • Repeat.

The Best Way to Build Your Biceps

Use these simple yet effective exercises - along with muscle growth supplements - to build huge biceps. They are easy to perform, don’t require any complicated machines, and get results. And don’t forget to use the best supplements for muscle gain to boost your gains and get more out of every workout. 


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