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10 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Routine

10 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Routine

You’re working hard at the gym. You’re focused on your goal of losing weight. Or building lean muscle.

But are you reaching those goals? What can you do to improve your fitness routine?

Easy. Apply these 10 tips. They may not all fit your situation. But even applying one or two will help you get more out of each workout.

1 - Use the Right Supplements

This is the best way to boost your fitness results. The best muscle building supplements help increase the amount of energy you have during each workout.

A post-workout recovery drink will help you recover faster so you can hit the weights again soon. And a creatine supplement will give you the big, strong pumps you need to reach your goals.

2 - Make It Social

While some solo workouts can be good, going it alone every day is tough. Find friends to workout with. You’ll be more accountable, push yourself a bit harder, and have more fun.

This may mean adjusting your schedule or routine. But it’s worth it for the benefits of getting fit with your friends.

3 - Mix It Up

Don’t get stuck in a rut. You get bored. You’re body gets used to it. Your gains slowly go down.

Take a new class at the gym. Ask a friend to recommend a new activity or set of lifts. Try out a machine you’ve never used before.

The point is to get creative with your routine. Because exercise ruts are all bad - mentally and physically.

4 - Start Early

People who work out first thing in the morning are more likely to stick to their exercise plans. Over the long term, that means better results.

What if your routine just won’t allow it? Make sure you schedule your workouts at a convenient time. Minimize the risk of other commitments getting in the way.

5 - Get Competitive

This can be an extension of “Make It Social.” Some friendly competition will help you push yourself to reach your potential.

You could use an app to do this - many have social features that allow you to challenge friends to hit new max weights or reps.

6 - Be Fast and Furious

According to researchers, you get better results from short intense workouts than long, low intensity sessions.

Make sure you’re not wasting too much time between sets at the gym. One way to do it? Use a stopwatch. Allow yourself just 60 seconds of rest between each set. That will bring an element of cardio into your weight training. And it will keep you on your toes too.

7 - Ditch the Machines

Do you use machines for most of your lifts? You’ll get better results from using free weights instead.

Machines do the stabilizing for you during a lift. But free weights require your own muscles to balance your weight. That engages more muscles and burns more calories per lift.

Another option - include bodyweight exercises in your routine. They’re great for strengthening your core. Try advanced moves - like handstand pushups - for a true challenge.

8 - Measure Your Progress

Getting strong and fit is slow going. And losing weight in a healthy way can take a while.

Stay positive and satisfied with your progress by tracking your workouts and your results. An app can help, but all you really need is an old fashioned pen and paper.

Be careful not to get overly focused on the numbers here. Your goal is to feel good about your progress, not to obsess over your weight and measurements every day. Balance is essential.

9 - Stay Focused

Researchers have found that focusing on the body parts you are working can lead to bigger results. Stay concentrated on each lift and think about your target muscles. Ditching your music and working out solo can help you achieve this heightened level of focus.

10 - Stretch Smart

Warm-ups are important for waking up your muscles and preparing for a workout. But save your stretches for after you’ve done your exercise.

Research shows that stretching before you do weight training isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, it may lead to greater weakness.

Enjoy the Improvements

Apply these tips to get strong and build lean muscle faster than ever. As you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of your hard work. Don’t forget to use the best muscle building supplements to reach your goals faster than you could alone.

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